What pump/overflow?


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I have a 46 gallon bow front that I want to add a sump to. It is not drilled.

I believe the largest sump I will be able to fit in the stand is a 10 gallon. I have on hand a Mag 5 (250gph at 5ft.) or a Mag 9.5 (750gph at 5ft.).

The overflow I was looking at is either an Eshopps PF300 (300gph) or Eshopps PF800 (800gph).

What would be a better option?
I feel like the bigger pump might make more sense since I could then run a reactor off of it too, but I'm concerned I would have it so dialed back, with an output ball valve, that it would be highly underused.

but with the smaller pump it would probably be at about maximum just pumping water back into the display, right? would 250gph be too much for a small 10 gallon sump?

Any other ideas? :spin2:

I have considered building a bigger (non-bow) stand just so I could fit a larger sump but not sure that's going to happen any time soon.

thanks for any assistance,


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Mag 9.5 with it sectioned off to go back into sump instead of ball valve. CPR Overflow ran run with a aqualifter and no problems EVER


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Thanks for the quick advice Owen.

Just so I understand correctly, the output line would have a T in it and one line go back to the sump? On the line that goes back into the sump I would want to put a valve on to adjust the flow, correct?


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likely a mag 5 would be fine a 9 would be too much flow through the sump. However if you get the 9 you likely can run a rdsb, reactors. It still may be too much flow.


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Thanks buffalo,

I actually already have both pumps. Would the Mag5 be enough to run 1 reactor and still have power for the return?