What should I be doseing?


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my tank is doing fine I have 4 fish and a 5 corals. I dose calcium and top off with limewater. my question is, is there anything else to dose that would be a benefit to my corals?:strange:
I agree with Pat. I would not add anything outside of water changes ca and alk. Randy or bertoni will set you straight.
I hear that people add suff like Magnesium and a few other things, I was just wondering if there was something I was missing! Thanks for the feedback.
Yes on the magnesium. It is the 3rd solution in Randy's 2(3) part homemade mix. Water changes will take care of everything else. People dose a lot of things but nothing has been "proven" to be of any benefit. Some say xenia and molting invertebrates like iodide but the iodide is an irritant that want's them to shed the shell. Good? Bad? ??? My xenia likes me and pulses great w/o adding it.
You should not typically need calcium along with limewater unless you are correcting for a low calcium salt mix or are adding buffers.

I add limewater for calcium and alkalinity, magnesium if it is needed, and then iron for macroalgae and silica for diatoms/sponges/snails.etc.
I have never heard or adding iron, how is that done? Is it needed, should i look into it? how does magnesion help?

what is Randy's homemade mix?
The lime can produce some particulates when it's mixed, so it's useful to wait for them to settle. A lot of them can be various impurities from the lime that are good to keep out of the tank.
I discuss the solids that settle out from limewater in these articles:

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and this one is summary article about limewater:

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