what size seio?


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Using the 1100 would work well in combination with a MJ1200 or two on a timer. The 1100 would provide a nice constant stream across the length of the tank and then the MJs on a wave timer would provide good current variation. Just a thought. :) Of course, I understand that TAAM is releasing a SEIO controller in the near future so you may want to factor that into your decision. Two 620s or 820s would work well too but they would cost more I think.


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Also don't get your hopes up about the Seio controller it controls two pumps and controls them exactly the same and isn't able to alternate the power level to them. Price is also going to be about $200. Just something to think about, Tim


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O. Two 620s or 820s would be perfect then. I used two 620s in my 75 ( 4' ) when I had sand and it was a good amount of flow but not enough for my liking.


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I run my 65 w/ 2 620s and my 80 w/ 2 820s and it works great. Gives you lots of options for the direction you would like the flow and also some lower flow areas for ricordea and the like.


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I run my 75 with a seio 1100 and a seio 620. Judgeing by the way my corals blow around I'd say its almost to much flow, but they seem to be doing fine.