What T5 bulbs should I get?


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I have a 65 gallon, it is my profile pic. I need new bulbs and honestly I am still not 100% on extactly what I should get. It is a 4 bulb T5 fixture and I also use CFLs in the back to grow xenia and chaeto (I have no filtration or skimmer). So you see the color of the tank in my picture. I actually kind of like it that way. I love blue tanks too though. Mine is half and half almost. I need 4 new T5 bulbs, 36 inches. What color should I get? Right now all I know is I have one "pink", 2 "blue", and 1 "white". They are geissman but I forgot which exactly kind they were, and want to know what I should ask for for optimal growth. So maybe I could cut out the white one since I have the CFLs and replace it with blue or actinic...or purple? This is what I need to find out.

I only have LPS and softies mostly, but I do have one nicely growing Season's Greetings piece that actually does really well up near the compact flouros...though it is only its bright green when those are turned off.

So what do I get? I need to know exactly what these colors are called. Is there a difference between the "blue" and the blue actinic one?

I love this tank, I rarely clean it and I just harvest xenia which is a nutrient hog, chaeto too. But honestly I never put much thought into lighting since what I bought has worked so far. They are dim now and Christmas is coming up. What do I ask for? I think I can find whatever type of geissman I want, I think they are everywhere.

Thank you!

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ATI, KZ, GIESSEMAN are the top contenders but if I was removing the "white" bulb and using 3 blue and a purple I would use ATI BLUE PLUS or KZ SUPER BLUE for the highest PAR. GIESSEMAN are good bulbs but they don't have as high of PAR compared to ATI & KZ.

The GEISSEMAN ACTINIC PLUS is a blue bulb with higher PAR than the PURE ACTINIC (violet) but the actinic plus has a little more 420(ish) than the ATI bulb, so maybe if you want some low end UV the GIESSEMAN ACTINIC PLUS would be a good choice.


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2 ATI blue plus and 2 ATI coral plus. Not too white and not too blue. It will give you lots of PAR and nice color.