what to dip with?

Aj Flip

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hi, i have 3 different dips, lugols, revive, and TMPCC, and i was wondering which one would be best for SPS

also, could i use a combination?

should i use tank water or RODI?

thanks alot


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IMO coral revive is the best one,is very delicate to the coral and it kicks out all the pests(never tried on Red Bugs)....another very good one is Levamisol,but it's more expensive..at least here where I live.


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I use TLF Revive also. I like it much better than TMPCC. I also use Interceptor before Revive. Good combo. Don't mix dips though.


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tank water solution, or rodi?

what about the lugols?

I do all my dip in tank water after acclimation.

Lugols is not a good dip. Revive or TMPCC is a better option.