what to do with my Wall Hammer


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Well just wondering if anyone has experience with wall hammer. I have a 8" wall that got some of that dreaded brown jelly. To be honest I believe that when the furniture repair guy came the stuff he spayed on the couch to fix it contaiminated my tank.Had few other odd things happen that now seem under control. Anyway the hammer started in the center and died on way out to top and botton. I took it out twice a day and blew off the brown stuff. Its setting on my frag rack away from everything else. Seems now that the remaining polys about 25 % on each end are doing very well. And no more brown jelly. Should I leave it as a whole in hopes that it will one day fill back in or is it not ever fill back in? A freind of mine says that I should cut the middle dead skeleton away leaving 2 individual peices. What do you think ?


You posted this twice in this section and you posted it under the LPS section. How many different times do you need to post this.