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Here's my dilemna.

I have a 120g reef tank (24" width).

I purchased 2 MP-40's.

My aqua-scape is the hang-up. I have 2 rock islands that center the width of the tank.

For that I have the MP-40's offset from one another (one blowing behind the islands, the other in front).

I know these work best when they oppose one another.

What is your suggestion given my aquascaping? (3/8' thick glass on the sides)



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I had a similar setup with 2 mp60's. I pushed the rock on the left back a little, and pushed the rock on the right forward a little. I was able to get the MP60's closer to the middle of the tank this way. They still weren't directly facing eachother.

Even if you couldn't do this, I wouldn't sweat it too much. You should still be able to get plenty of flow, and even a wave if you want. Come on, they're Vortechs! :)

You also could put the vortechs on the back wall, but you would really need another Vortech to get the coverage you would need for an SPS tank. Again, the Vortechs well work great, even if they are staggered.

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I would experiment to determine what's best, but something you should try is to set up a gyre. To do this you'll want both pumps opposing each other blowing along behind your rock work. Place the pumps on long pulse mode and have them alternate one another. You have a good rock setup to accomplish this and you'll be impressed by how much water movement you can achieve with just one pump if you use this configuration.