What to look out for in storage space for tank stand, fish stuff?


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I will likely need to store my 110 gallon acrylic tank,sump, stand, Ca reactor maybe and some if not all my fish stuff in storage while I look for a new house.

Can I store it in non-temp controlled? It's much less $ of course. WIll this ruin the stand (wood/ I think it's oak).

HOw do you make sure the storage place does not spray for bugs etc... Tank will be cleaned out before re-setting up, but still I'd prefer not have any residue of course.

What else do I need to look out for if anything?

The fish and coral will be in a smaller temporary tank during my transition where I will be staying at in the interim :-D



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I'd seal everything in garbage bags and plastic wrap and I WOULD spring for temp controlled the way heat waves have been hitting, maybe enough to warp or stress that tank or its glue.


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I stored my 150 long in the unheated garage for ~ 6 years while I finished the basement. It was in a corner, on end, and acted as my garden tool holder for the duration. Needless to say, it was a bit dirty after that. I rinsed it well and then filled it with water out in the same garage for a leak free leak test. It then went to the basement and was put into service for another 7 or 8 years until I sold it.

To protect the tank from scratches I would suggest covering it with cardboard (refrigerator boxes?), and don't pack anything too close to it that might fall against and crack it. Pretty much everything else can be put in boxes. I would suggest cleaning everything first - that way when you are ready it'll only need a quick rinse.


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TY for the great responses. I may not have to store it now though. Ideally I'm going to replace it with a larger tank during the move :-D