What to place a pump on to reduce noise


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I have a Reeflo Dart/Snapper hybrid pump. I have it plumbed with the inlet at 2" and the outlet at 1.5".

The bottom of my tank stand where everything is at is wood. When I turned on the pump, there was a steady loud hum. I wouldn't say it was high pitched but the pitch was definitely higher than low.

I read the FAQs/suggestions/tips and they mentioned that having the pump on wood or metal would cause noise and to place it on something.

I found some foam that came with my radions but I don't think that is enough. That and to use enough to reduce the noise even partially lifts the pump up too high for me to use the rest of my plumbing and makes the connection to the sump at more of an angle.

So I was wondering what you guys use and if there is a good sound dampening material that is really dense so that I could just use a thin section so that the pump doesn't lift too high.

Here is a picture of the pump/plumbing without what I'm currently using for sound control:


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Rubber or cork mat, I got some at a hardware store for the pump in my sump to sit on to absorb noise and it worked. Came in 6 inch by 6 inch pieces, got it from the plumbing section in pack's of 4 or 5 and it's thin.