What to use as cover on Koralia intake?


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I have a GBTA that I have been nursing back to health over the last 5 months or so. He burned himself on the heater when he wandered into it and then a couple of weeks later he floated up into the koralia intake and it mangled him up pretty good. I have been keeping him under a floating breeder turned upside down on the sand to keep him from wandering and to make it easier to feed while I was nursing him back to health. He has made a full recovery and I would like to let him out, but I would like to cover the intakes on my Koralia 3's. What should I use to do this? I would also like to do something to cover the heater til I put a sump on my tank in the near future.

Johnny C

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I can't seem to find a picture of it, but if you go into a craft store in the sewing/quilting section, they have this plastic mesh that they sell in 8x10'' sheets. I cut a strip of it, wrapped it around the intake and zip-tied it into place. They even sell it in black so you can't see it on the koralia. HTH, GL!