What Tunze Stream Set Up is Right for Me?


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I have a 220 gal display tank (72x30x24) - Acrylic - with about 240 lbs of live rock and a DSB. Right now I am running 3 aqua clear (hagen) 802s on a wave maker, each in a corner, and direct my main return from the forth corner. I would like to eliminate at least one of the 802s that are kind of sticking out at the front ends of the tank, but don't want to give up any flow or perhaps even improve it. It sounds like Tunze is the ticket but I confused about which one would have the best flow for my tank, and have controllers that I probably don't need because I already have a wavemaker, or should I scrap all the 802s and the wave maker and start over with Tunze? Also, what brackets would I need to secure the Tunzes? My tank is enclosed in a wall so the brackets could not hang over the side of the tank. They would need to secure to the top ridge somehow. And as long as I'm asking a hundred questions. What about the height of the pumps? Right now I have the 802s staggered from about 8" off the DSB to right at the top of the water to promote flow at all levels.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.:)
Wavemakers will ruin Tunze pumps so a conventional wavemaker is not an option. They void the warranty and cause specific damage to the brake mechanism. The best choice would be a kit TS24 which is 2 6100 Streams and multicontroller. The 6100 is low voltage and computerized and doesn't start and stop, the multicontroller speeds it up and slows it down within a range of 30% and 100% power. This is done through a 5Pin Din interface on the computer attached to the pump. The Streams are equal in size to the 802s, you would substantially increase your flow. The model 6080 could be a good choice as well but it cannot be controlled outside of on off cycles on a timer not to be shorter than 1 hr in duration. The flow is very broad and surface agitation is the most critical aspect of circulation as this increases the surface area for gas exchange. I would hang the pumps 6" from the top. Acrylic is a bit tricky for these pumps as they are built for trimless glass aquariums. We have a kit 3000.26 which will accomodate perimeter braces narrower than 6". Otherwise you will likely have to cut or modify the bracing to acept these pumps.

This thread covers most holders and installation options

Otherwise a member of RC photobarry had a nice install on his acrylic tank by drilling a hole. You might PM him, I checked in my forum and his photo is gone so I can't link you to it.
Hey Roger

My pic got moved to a different section of the photo gallery. Here it is.

No problem. I now have the tank full of live rock and am in the middle of cycling it. I currently have just one Stream 6000 in the tank and it provides a really nice level of flow. I'm planning on ordering another one once they are available. I have impressed a friend of mine with its performance and he currently has an order placed. (Sorry for hijaking this thread, I'll be quick!) Since I plan on getting 2 and him 1, I told him to order the multicontroller and we would swap controllers. My question is: until I get the second Stream can I run 1 on the multicontroller?

Absolutely. Just remember the first socket powers the unit- the others are essentially dummies- the fourth socket lets it know that enough pumps are connected to enable sequence and tide mode so these won't work until you have another pump but it will still pulse provided you use the first socket.
Rvitko - Thanks. Sounds like a kit TS24 is in my near future:) one question. You mention "The Streams are equal in size to the 802s, you would substantially increase your flow. " I don't get it? Can you expand on that for me. Thanks again.

Photobarry - No problem at all. Thanks for the pic! Thatââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s exactly what I need to do. Is that a DIY bracket or something that I can buy?
Looser, I have a similar sized tank. I ran all 800 powerheads also. I know run a pair of Tunze 6080 stream pumps. Best purchase I made.

Lots of current. I have one in each back corner. Sometimes they oppose each other, sometimes I point them elsewhere. This gives good chaotic current.
Thanks Doug. I'm sold.

Now where can I get the kit TS24? I checked Marine Depot and That Pet Place. They both carry Tunze but I didn't see the kit.

Any other suggestions?
That Pet Place is not one of our vendors- maybe they have something left over from Burleson. Anyway, just ask, TS24 is a simplified way of ordering

2 * 6100
1 * 7094

In physical dimensions the pumps are about the size of an 802 but they produce 8* the flow.