What type of bulbs?


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Its getting time to replace my HQI bulbs again. I have been using coral life 20k 150watt bulbs (no actinics). Is there a good bulb that will give good color and growth? What type of bulbs are you using?


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I went from coralife 20000K to 14000K phoenix. The 20 were too blue but the 14 are just right for me and on some of the forums alot of RCers liked the phoenix for growth.
I do not have room for supplement actinics and the 14 are still very blue but not as much as the 20.
Ushio and XM 14000K seem very popular, too.
Hope this helps.


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Yeah I spend like 75- 80 bucks on the coral life bulbs. I have heard good things about pheonix. I will have to look into it.