What was the first thing alive that you bought to put in your tank?


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skunk clown, some GSPs, a candycane coral frag, and some shrooms. All are still with me 3 years later in a new tank, except the shrooms.


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a guppy ...many centuries ago

first saltwater fish..yellow tang..got ich on day 3 and died on me..for a few years i killed every tang i tried...finally gave up on tangs..then i was given a large sailfin that was a rescue and it has thrived for me...now i have a yellow and a powder blue and alll 3 are thriving


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Hermit crab and 3 snails. Snails didn't acclimate well, but the hermit crab is pretty big now and it's been in there 2.5 months.


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i put 3 blue legged hermits, and left them in there alone for a month. Then i added 25 more and left them for a month. Slowly adding things.