What would prevent a chalice frag from going?


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Typo in title, sorry, going=growing

Had this chalice frag for over 6 months. Color is good but it is not growing.

Looking for what I can do to fix this.


code monkey
+1, params would help

That said my params are great, even bumped up the magnesium which some people say helps, and my chalice hasn't grown 1/8" in 4 months so there's definitely something to it that I'm missing...


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Some chalices just don't grow well. That has been my experience anyway. Also, while many like moderate to low light, some won't color up (or grow) unless they get a fair amount of light.


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Different chalices grow at different rates in my tank. I have 2 that started as small frags and in 6 months I've given 4 x 4 in. pieces to everyone in the neighborhood. I took a small frag from one and gave the colony away. And then I have some that haven't grown an inch in 6 months but look very healthy.