What's another fish I can add to my tank?


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I have a 90g reef setup. The fish that I currently have are 3 Chromis, 2 Percula Clowns, and a Yellow Tang. What's another fish that I can add to my setup? I want something that is not too aggressive and not eat my coral in the tank. Thanks!


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There are a bunch of social fish you can add, look for small active ones such as neon gobies, blennies, you could add some Anthias if you feed regularly.

Its a personal decision that you should come to on your own.


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i wouldnt add any more, i think 6 fish in a 90 reef is perfect, however royal grammas are beautiful :)

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6 line wrasse will add some personality or a dwarf angel of some type. Half-blk,coral beauty or flame angel. Some flame angels are not reef safe so beware.