Whats better snails or crabs for alge


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I would say snails are better for everywhere except the sand i think crabs do better with keeping your sand clean:) IMO but i dont have near as big of a tank as you lol so maybe someone with around your size of a tank will have a better opinion.


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I have both in my 150 but my snails do better for algae but I've had to get more as my crabs kill the snails


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Hermit crabs could kill your snails, so it is best to have plenty of food and extra empty snails shells.

Also they are good at hair algae, but snails are somewhat more peaceful.


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Both cerith and nassarius vibex snails are great for turning over the sand. If you have algae in the sand - a cuke or fighting conch will help out.

personally i'd avoid the crabs...only because they usually prefer escargot over any algae.