Whats better the regular mag drive pumps, or the new Danner Pro Hy-Drive's?


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What's better the new Danner Pro hy-drive pumps or the regular danner mag-drive pumps for a return pump from my sump? Anyone have a opinion? I could buy either in a 2100 to 2400 gph for about the same money. Which is better buy? thanks


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I love danner and the regular mags, but the hy-drives are crap.
the impellors are wrapped in cheap stainless with the copper windings in the impellor. within a few months, the steel wears thin and exposes the copper. the 2100's even have the windings exposed directly to the water at each end of the impellor.
I manage a salt shop and we went to all hydrives for the systems. within 4 months, all the pumps (and the replacements) were dead and the main coral system had readable amounts of copper in it.
we switched over to the quiet one line of pumps.


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These images are from the Marine Depot site. Lokk at what the pumps actually are. Resun. Not exactly known as a high quality pump brand.




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its been quite sometime... Have the Hy drives gotten any better? how would you compare the 2100 to a Reeflo Tarpon?