whats the best ato i should get


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i am starting to build a 150 gall tank i am looking in to ato systems i just was woundering what the best one out there is. i am looking at JBJ system. if any one knows of any better i would love to know.


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Hey there! Im doing a 90 gallon and was looking into the Tunze Osmolator. Im sure others will provide more detail.

The main difference between the JBJ ATO and the Osmolator is that the Osmo controls based on infared. I believe the precision is more accurate with the Osmo but the difference is small. However, I have read that the difference can be a determining factor for small tanks. I think with a 150 you should be ok with JBJ. Not a expert here but just my input :)
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I have the JBJ and it works great. No experience with other brands though but it sounds like there are a lot of quality options on the market.


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I bought a used Tunze on here for $100. It came with all the tubing, kalk reactor, and a spare pump so it was a really great deal. The optical sensor works great and if it were to fail the float switch kills the pump. Look around in some of the classified forums and you may be able to score a real deal.



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I got the JBJ for a pretty good price at premium aquatics. Bulk reef supply has it for even cheaper :) works great! I have mine set up so one switch is in my sump and one is in my ATO reservoir. This way the pump in my reservoir won't run dry :thumbsup: there are 3 different ways you can set this guy up


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tunze osmolator +1

My tank has been so stable since I got it set-up.. and I can go away not not worry about the sump running low.

It was expensive though.


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I have 3 jbj with no problems for 2 years. I have a brand new in the box jbj and nice top off pump Ill sell you if your interested and save you some money from new out of the store.


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Tunze Osmolater hands down. Comes with a pump you can drop down into a 5 gallon reservoir container, comes with everything you need including a sensor that has both optical and float sensors. Never have had a single problem with mine.


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Thanks to all that has gave me some input looking like i am going to go with the tunze osmolator . now just have to talk the wife into a little more money to spend on the tank.
If any one has any more input that would be great


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The tunze osmolator will top off every time you unplug and plug the power. the alarm function is quite loud and cannot be disabled unless you take the unit apart. :worried: just a heads up.