What's the best phosphate remover?


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I tried Phosban and it worked the first time, but lately i isn't workng at all. I just want to make sure I buy the most effective stuff since I am losing the battle against hair algae.



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To get AT the phosphate you actually have to some critter eat the algae and poo it into the water column. Inside the algae it's hard to get at, chemically. It IS a bit of a struggle. Try turning your tank lights out for 3 days while running phosban: that may create some dieoff that will let the phosban grab some of the phosphate.


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sk8r is right on target

I've found that there are more reliable ways to remove algae and phosphate

namely water changes and placing a tang or two in your tank

I removed all my tangs and went tang-free for about 5 months. hair algae exploded. I have pretty good, clean water, too. RO water with routine changes, nitrates under 4. I just [gently] tossed a Kole tang in there to handle the hair algae, and as long as I keep it off the glass, I"m confident he'll take care of the rock.

The reason I got rid of all my tangs was that eventually my tangs were the more aggressive species and my choices for a community reef tank became too lmited.

Kole tangs are known as one of the most docile tangs available, so I made him first. PLUS they're particularly good at hair algae removal.


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My experience was that PhosBan in a media bag was doing little to nothing for me. I bought a reactor to put it in and my phosphates plummeted within 48 hours. If you can swing the $40 and the room, it is well worth getting a reactor.


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since its obvious tangs can not be put in a 30 gallon tank what other reef safe fish would be good for that? i ahve a lawn mower blenny but he aint mowing NO lawn lol