whats the best reef heater nowaday's


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i am having alot of problems with marineland visitherm 300-400 water submersible heaters.
i'm on my 5th one and they keep crapping out. light on but no heat. my buddy has gone through the same issue.thank goodness theres a 100% guarantee on them but what a pain when my temp keeps dropping.
what are you using for a good submersible heater these days.


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I've had two Visitherms explode 2 years back. I'm now using 4x300 Eheim Jaeger and will upgrade to 600W Titanium Schego heaters next year.


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There is no such thing as a perfect heater. I got so sick of dealing with them that I just heat the ambient temp of my fishroom to 79 degrees and it works great. It's a lot less expensive for me to do it this way as well...


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These Aquaclear heaters I have have been working flawlessly for years on end without any problems. Set it & forget it. :)

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Nothing but Jager here. I had a Visitherm get stuck in the on position and nuke my nano when I first started in the hobby.


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I'm on my 7th visitherm heater. The light stays on but no heat coming out of them.
Something is definitely wrong with this marineland visitherm heaters lately.
How can 7 go bad in one month?


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Jäger all the way, I still have heaters from them that are 20 years old and still work. I can't say that for one other brand out there. They are the only heater I trust and buy. I have used others and they have failed or had recalls.


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I'm using a finnex external controller with a 800w titanium element in the tank. Love it so far, holds a tight temp band, would buy another one if this one dies.

I've also used to use the via aqua titanium heaters, never had one fail....also good units in my opinion. Only reason I changed is 2 600w heaters in my tank weren't working out well so I went with a single 800w finnex.


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Not trying to be a jerk but, why would you be on your 7th visitherm heater? I would have given up after 2. I run finnex, and jager. So far so good.


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I have all Eheim Jaeger now, but I've also had very good luck with the relatively inexpensive ViaAqua titanium heaters in the past. The key in my opinion to any heater is to first calibrate it with a good thermometer (I use a lab grade glass thermometer) as I’ve seen the thermometers provided on the heaters off as much as 4 degrees and always use a controller for actual on off function. I set the thermometer on the heater to the maximum temperature I want the tank to heat to (80.0 degrees F) and then use the controller to set the actual range of each heater (always use at least two at half your necessary total wattage so when one breaks you at least have 1/2 the heat necessary if it fails off and only overheat half as much if it sticks in the on position).


I'm using Jager too. Great heaters. I use to use some Marineland on my freshwater tanks but would unplug them during the summer. This winter I went to plug them back in and they didn't fire back up.


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Running Fluval E Series heaters since 09 without any issues. No matter which heater you run you should run it on a controller. The issue is as mentioned above they get stuck on. So if you have a controller (Apex, ReefKeeper, or Ranco) it would shut off when the water gets to the proper temp and you dont have to worry about cooking your tank.


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Jager has never failed me.

Stay away from those black plastic stealth heaters, can't remember the manufacturer. getting shocked sucks and your tank won't like the black toxic goo they spew out.


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i use the Aqueon Pro heaters in all 3 of my tanks. super stable and very reliable. never had an issue so far. i don't like the glass encased heaters as i've had too many crack when doing water changes, even if i've unplugged the heater before i remove the water. The aqueon are plastic encased and shatterproof. great product if you ask me.