Whats the deal with my new snails


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So I bought three mex turbo snails floated them for about 40 min no drip, put them in and they flew around my tank for about a day or a day and a half then they stopped as if in shock one died and started stinking the other two are still showing signs of shock although they are alive moving very slowly although they arent going anywhere they do move in and out. Are they dead or soon to be?

Now before you say that didnt acclimate them correctly, I went back to the same store thinking that I did just that and didnt acclimate them right, bought three more a day and a half after floating and drip acc for about an hour two seem to be doing ok but one isnt moving at all. Can anyone tell me what gives?


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you need to let us know how old your tank is? Did you have any nitrates? Have you tested anything lately?
Temp of the tank ? Acclimation is good but if the tank is too cold or too hot , they may still die off


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You say you floated them but no drip. Does this mean you simply put them from the bag to your tank? What was the salinity of the store's water they were bagged in versus your own?

As far as the new set, do you see them active at night? I've known some to just sit in the day and really come cruising in the middle of the night when the tank lights have been out for hours.

Also, is it possible you have some kind of snail predator in the tank? Or did the tank ever contain copper? It could be many things.


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When I bought my turbo snails and they started off great but then I started to notice less of them and more of their empty shells and comes to find out that my dwarf zebra hermit crabs were killing them so maybe thats how one died.


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thanks for the advise, I think I bought a bad batch of snails from the same store. All but one has died, by the way they were huge snails, (probably old) I went to another local store and bought some smaller snails, they are doing great.


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I think you're onto something with unhealthy snails to start with. I've put cerith, turbo, margarita and nassarius snails in my tank by simply shaking them around in some DI water and plunking them in. Those buggers are surprisingly tough if they're healthy.