What's the demand for Par38 bulbs


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i would say mixed. folks like dimmable, not too many of the higher wattage versions are dimmable, or they have some kooky remote.

also, pico and nano uses are good, i have 3 over my 20L grow tank. I have a buddy who uses 2 over his 400g, as moonlight accents, it looks cool as heck.


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This is probably unwanted info but the par refers to the size of the lamp only. 1 par is 1/8" so par38 is 38 1/8 of an inch.


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Thanks for the replies all,

I did mean economic demand. I've found a company that makes the bulbs with cree leds for pretty cheap. It doesn't make sense to buy them individually because of the shipping costs. I was wondering if I bought a large lot of them, I could sell them. The price point beats everyone on the net.