whats the going rate for a large maze brain?


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I found a football sized colony of maze brain forsale. It almost does not fit in a 5 gallon bucket. Colors are lime green with bright neon green centers. Seller is asking 300.00. I have seen silghtly smaller pieces forsale online between 70 and 120 dollars.

is 300 too much?


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no more than 150.00 to me, but if it is worth 300.00 to u then go ahead and get it remember it is going to be in your tank so if u like it and think u want to spend the cash then go for it.


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LFS cheap, HAHA. My LFS would probably price that thing up in the 500$s. They have a single head frogspawn up right now for 80$, and its bleached! If you want nice brain corals, try diversden. 300 is way overpriced


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How much contrast? Is it flourescent (sic)?
It would be too much for me ( I don't have the room anyway) especially since Platygyra always sucumb to RTN in my tank <sob!>. But it's what you want as the one rseponder said up there.