Whats the secret to keeping Yumas alive???


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I have had my reef established for almost 10 years. My zoos and lps are thriving. I even have a few sps doing well. I have florida rics and other mushrooms that are doing well and multiplying. The problem I'm having is with the yumas. No matter which color morph I try, it just shrinks and withers away within a month. I have 14K 250W MH lighting and place them in the middle to bottom part of tank.

Am I doing something wrong? Do they require any special care that I'm not aware of? Every other species of coral has done well in my tank.


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I have a 58G Oceanic RR with a 150W 14K and 2 x 65W actinics. I started with 1 orange and 1 pinkish/purple yuma about 6 months ago. They have each had 2 or 3 babies. I have them in low light (near the bottom and off to the side) and low to medium flow.


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Most of my yumas seem to do better in low light. You should try placing them at the bottom and perhaps underneath an overhang. Too much flow can also hurt them. After they start to look stronger you can slowly move them into more light. I think they get stressed during transportation very easily and thus need low light at first, but once they get established they like a good amount of light.


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as stated, the best way is to give them indirect halide contact, even at the bottom of the tank chances are that they're getting too much light, it's definitely easier to acclimate a yuma from a shady part of your tank into higher lighting than to try and save a burned yuma...