What's this anemone? PICS...


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I've bought a little anemone that is about the size of a penny from a reefer last week. I can't take any pics of the little anemone but I've got a pic of the mother anemone.

Here's the mother anemone:


The anemone has splited herself several times in aquariums since now. The first day I got it, I placed it in the bottom of the tank but the second day, it went to a higher spot in the tank like if it wanted more light (and I'm using metal halides 150w)... So today I placed her on the top of my reef and she seems to open more than yesterday. I've tried to give it some brine shrimp but it did not eat any (is this normal for a small anemone of the size?). The tips of the tentacles are white and round (not like a BTA but more like a magnifica).

Do you guys have any idea of what kind of anemone this could be?

What would be the best food for it?

Should I place in a spot with higher flow or lower flow?

Thanks a lot