Whats this on my lipstick tang? HELP


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Hi guys just wondering if anybody knows what this is on my large lipstick tang?...my fish have been in copper for 2 weeks for treatment of velvet...last week this lump started on the side of my lipstick and got to the size of a peanut...this morning it has some black looking thing popping out of it...any ideas? Sorry pictures are poor...fish still in qt in copper . Normal salinity


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Plus since being in copper shes not really ate properly...vitamin soaked foods but she doesnt seem bothered. She is still looking strong etc but not really swimming about like she used to be.


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Copper reduces appetite in many marine fish and is counterproductive in terms of regaining health.
It also is hard on those fish with either “scales” or thin slime coats ( like the tang group)
He must eat well, or at least good during the treatment, It’s a difficult balance.
I’ve had to target feed fish before, dropping one piece at a time at the mouth.
Have zero idea on “what” that mound is.
Copper is the correct treatment for marine velvet, maybe a secondary infection from an injury in QT?
It will kill fast.
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Its hard to say what that is but wound does look like it opened or burst so i would definitely do antibiotics to reduce the chance of infection which might be more deadly than whats goingon originally.