What's up with these zoos?


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I've had this big rock full of zoos for months now and the ones in the middle have pretty much always looked kinda shriveled up like this. It almost seems like they're crowded and are shriveling to make room. It's not something that happens occasionally either. They're like that all the time.

They all seem to like where I have them placed and are multiplying all the time.

Could it be a fungus or something like that which is slowly spreading? Could they need to be thinned out or something.

Tell me what you think.


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could they get sting by smthing close?

Nah, I've had them by themselves for the most part. Closest thing would have been maybe a mushroom.

And zoos aren't usually the sting-ee in most instances, or are they? I had a rock full of shrooms melt away pretty quick when I had them too close to a rock full of similar zoos.


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Yeah, I was worried about something like that. The thing that really sucks is that those are on a huge rock that's gonna be a SOB to get out of their. I'm gonna have to take out that whole rock. But I guess it might have to be done to save that huge colony.

I'd need to use Lugol's solution or something like that, right? We're not talking about a freshwater dip?