whats ur thoughts on aquavitro


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Whats ur thoughts on aquavitro salt mix .i think i might give this one a shot .i like how each bucket has a analysis of that bucket on it .how accurate is there testing .? Has anyone been using it ? Also how consistant is it bucket to bucket


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My LFS uses it for their mix. I've been using it for the past 9 months and seems good. tbh though it's just another brand of reef grade salt. I couldn't tell you about bucket to bucket because they mix about a full bucket at a time but the levels seem consistent in my tank from using it.


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There have been a number of threads on this mix. If you do an advance search for "Aquavitro Salinity" and search Titles only and do the same for "Seachem Salinity", you will find a number of threads on this stuff. From what I have read, this mix has an issue with precipitate and clouding as a result. One thing you must do when mixing this salt is first mix the bag or bucket contents thoroughly before adding to water as the mix tends to seperate as it settles. When you add it to water, add it slowly and allow it to dissolve completely before adding more salt. If you add it too fast, you will get precipitate in your mixed water and clouding as a result. Based on the information I have read, this would not be a salt I would consider.

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