whats wrong with this maroon? URGENT


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can anyone tell me based on this picture what is wrong with this maroon?
He was bought a few days ago together with some other breeds of clown fish and turned out to be a big bully. He hid for a few days and now showed up again with this coloration and seems like some parts of his fins missing.
Could it have been that has met his match with another fish and the color is due to stress? he is sitting in a corner now looking like breathing heavily.
There is also a prity large Volitan lionfish in this tank. Could it have been an encounter with the lionfish causing this? The maroon is too big though for the lionfish to have any interest?
The picture was send to us by one of our clients here and was wondering. Haven t seen the fish in real life yet but will be swinging by him later today.


Looks to me like he was being beaten up on. Stress will always affect the color of a fish. With a lion fish in the tank anything that will fit in its mouth will become dinner


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yes He is much bigger than the lionfish mouths though so I am sure it was not the lionfish that took a bite at him??
Could it be though that one of the poisonous fins has touched him? would that have an effect on the color of the fish or he would sure die at that point?