What's you opinion? DE or SE


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Just like what the title states: Double Ended or Single Ended MH. I'm kinda checking out MH lighting and I'm looking to get a fixture. Any recommendations? By the way, 48" is what I need.


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I run DE right now and if I were to do it again, I would go with SE for the reasons above.

If you are set on going DE, let me know - maybe we could work out a trade/purchase or something.

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I thought I read that you can get more PAR out of 10K DEs then SE 10Ks, is this true?

Yes and no ... Some SE's can be overdriven and put out more PAR thus taking away life of the bulb.

The only real way to check what you want is to look at people set-ups. I personally like color of DE 14k Phoenix bulbs. SE's I like the color on the 12k Reeflux bulbs or 20k XM bulbs. Good Luck with your selection:)


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If your tank is young like mine you want things in your tank to grow quickly so I went with PAR and DE's until my corals grow out then later I can play with how the tank looks. I have seen a handful of DE's and there is enough options to create a great looking tank in my opinion. But like stated above go look at tanks that have your same depth and see what they are running and make notes. Then decide.
SE all the way.

Some claim DE have more power. I've found the output of DE to be kind of embarrassing. Even the popular Phoenix bulbs. (Sorry to anybody that likes the Phoenix).

The DE bulbs are a pain to get in and out.

No where near the selection of SE bulbs.

SE bulbs have a built in shield.

SE bulbs are usually cheaper.

SE are easier to mount.

My personal favorites are:

Radiums if you want a bluer bulb and power.

Reeflux 10K on an PFO HQI ballast for color and growth.