What's your Center Piece Reef fish?


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Just curious as to what others have as their center piece fish? Post photos if you have them.

Sunburst Anthias, tank is stocked around making him happy.

Been the star of my 58 since March '05 :)
4.5 inch female Maroon clown, I would say my little rare Elegant psudochromis but, it also rare that it comes out of the rock work to be seen.
Depends on the Anthias. The Sunburst is a very unusual kind of Anthias - and unless you have a huge tank - I'd keep singly.

I'd also STRONGLY urge you to get one that has been at LFS/etc for a couple months, still eating well. Often come in and die shortly after IMO.

Also, most folks stock these with far too aggressive fish IME, and thus never see them + often don't have their sunburst last long. Heck, my Midas Blenny bullies my Sunburst ... I couldn't imagine putting it with Angels, Tangs, or anything even slightly aggressive. Maybe others get away with it - but IMO the poor survival % many have is related to this.
as of right now my tiger goby, but i only have 3 fish at the moment. Some day i hope my centerpiece fish to be a chocolate tang or an angel of some sort (more than likely the tang though because i love chocolate even though many do not).
As far as my favorite fish, that would be the bigger of my blue hippo tangs.

He picks up hermit crabs by their shells and carries them around the tank.

When he see a brittle or serpent star sticking one of their legs out of a hole in a rock he grabs the stars leg and trys to pull it out.

He regularly has a stand-off with my pair of coral banded shrimp for no reason, ( I think hes thinks he is a dare devil).

He trys to cut my rotating Zoo Med powerheads ith his "blade" on his tail.

He has the best personality!

Sweet Anthias Mark....What is their temperament?

Sorry I see you already discussed that....
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Nice Mark. I have to agree with you for the most part on them. I picked up 4 and only had 1 survive. He is however doing great and is even out and about in the tank even with my LARGE tangs.

LFS around here has 4 in their show tank that are doing well. Owner said he went thru 16 of them before he wound up with 4 that would live.

As for my show fish, in my 45 it is my Coral beauty angle. I've always loved them.

In the 400, it's a toss up as I have several, a pair of Naso tangs ( 10" male w/ 4" streamers and 8" female), 8" Pink tail trigger and my Male Wantanabi angle. I also have several wrasses that I like along with the Sunburst like what Mark posted.