When a tang goes bad!


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Well guys I posted a couple days ago about my tang nipping on my maxima I said I was going to put box of eggcrate over him. Well I did that and he is still looking bad, even worse.

When I first got the clam he came out pretty quick and looked good. My tang started nipping on him about a week later and I didnt realize it was the tang untill a couple days of seeing my clam closed up. He also has been gaping for over a week now, and it is getting pretty bad. He is about 3.5 inches and the gap is about 3/4 an inch. As you can see in the picture I dont think my tang is going to ever get over his taste for the clam. I know that gaping is a bad sign, and on top of it he is spewing some stringy stuff out that I am not sure what it is. One thing I noticed today when looking inside the gap, was that there was a rather large mysis shrimp down in there. I have not seen any other parasites or anything bugging the clam, and pretty sure this is just because of the tang. Is there anything I can really do to bring him back, or is there a humane way to put him out of his misery if he is too far gone anyways? Unfortunantly I am leaving town this wed for 5 days, and I really dont want to come back to a rotting clam. I feel really bad for loosing this guy, but I dont know what I should do. Any ideas?
That's awful-I had a similar problem in the past with a six line wrasse. I have heard of others who have had docile fish turn nasty with the addition of a new clam.
In the present quarantine, he may recover. It really depends on the degree of damage to the mantle. The gills in the picture looked OK. The mantle hasn't completely retracted except for part of the left side.
Can you setup a separate quarantine tank with adequate lighting before you leave on Wed? This would be an option. Either way you should know it's state of health by then. Adam
Well out of 40 views one post? Come on guys I know some of you have experience with this.

Anyways today the right side of his mantle looks like it has almost ripped and is retracted way more than the left side in the pictures. Anyone?