When and how many to add fish


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My reef has stabilized after the fish killing ammonia spike. I lost 5 out of 6 fish. The lone survivor was my wrasse. I have have zero ammonia for several days. I'm wondering if there are any opinions about when I should add fish and how many to add at one time. I don't what the wrasse to go crazy, then again I don't think I should increase the bio load dramatically at one time.

My reef in a year old.

Any thoughts?


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Why an ammonia spike in the first place?
Something big die?

You should slowly add critters when you know your water is stable..
Are you measuring any nitrites?


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I second mcgyvr with a tank a year old i wouldn't think you should see a ammonia spike at all. Unless something major happened as mcgyvr suggest.

What are your parameters?


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honestly I think I got some bad water from my LFS. I never had an issue with ammonia. But I could have over fed but I don't think so. All I know is one day everything was great the next day fish started dying. After the first one died the ammonia just went crazy. I couldn't get it out of the reef and before you know it all my fish were dead. Except wrasse. My parameters now are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, nitrates are about 30 (high i'm sure because of the ammonia break down) .15 on phosphates. 8.5 ph. Salinity 1.026


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With that kind of spike and sudden die off of multiple fish, is it possible that some of your bio-filter was killed off somehow? It seemed like the death of that first fish sparked a chain reaction that your tank should've been able to handle, but couldn't.

I would proceed very slowly.


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id do some decent sized water changes for a few months before you add anything. you don't just get a ammonia spike for no reason.