When is a baby bangaii large enough for a reef?


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I am wanting to put one of my raised babies into my reef to establish another breeding pair. There is a adult bangaii in there already. Along with a 4" leopard wrasse, a true perc, yellow tang, and algae blenny. How large should I let the baby get before considering putting him in there. He looks to be about an inch counting his tail fins. He is not being very cooperative in taking frozen food which is why I want him in the reef so he can see others feeding on it. What do you guys think?

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It would likely be fine, though that's a pretty small tank (40 breeder). The adult Banggai won't bother it unless they are the same sex and when it gets close to breeding age. The rest will probably ignore it. Even small Banggais do pretty well at avoiding corals.

If you want to play it safe, hang a breeder net in the tank for the baby for a few days and gauge the reactions.


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My Bangai pair are spawning regularly and I have 2 babies in the tank from 2 different batches. Will the older cardinals end up killing the younger ones?