When to start


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I'm starting my tank this week. My son is getting married Friday. So I will be out of town from Thursday to Sunday. If I add rock, sand and water Wednesday, do I need to be at my house the next few days or can I just let it do its thing?

Also, how long do I need to run the pump to mix my salt water before adding it to the tank? Approximately 19 gallons.



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from my very limited experience it don't take long for the salt to dissolve, it took about 30ish minutes for the salt to dissolve when i mixed 35 gallons last week. you will be able to see if it has dissolved or not.

my only concern with being out of town for 4 days and letting it do its thing is water evap, in my AIO system if i didn't have an ATO my tank would evap under the return pump level and burn up my pump in 2-3 days
i guess i would be concerned with little quirks in the system also, maybe some plumbing coming loose or whatever. i personally would want to be around the first few days to make sure everything is running smooth before i left it unmonitored for 4 days.


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Or, since you are just starting, put the water, salt, rock, and sand in the tank and only connect a power head for circulation. That way, the cycle starts, and then you can monitor equipment after you get back.