When to take my blue tang out of quarantine?


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I lost a couple of fish recently due to what I believe was flukes. I now have a 100% everything gets quarantined rule. I learned my lesson. For anyone reading who hasn't learned the lesson, I got a Kole Tang from a LFS and I believe my not quarantining it was the cause of the loss of my royal gamma, by yellow tang, a pair of clowns and nearly my 5" blue tang.

The good news is, the blue tang was super-healthy beforehand and I got him into quarantine (standard Petco 30G tank) and treated with PraziPro as recommended by someone at Your Reef. I also treated the system these fish came out of with PraziPro.

Slightly complicated, but perhaps important. I had the 100 gallon and 125 gallon systems plumbed together. The Kole Tang originally died in the 125G and then fish started getting sick in the 100G. The trigger wasn't swimming around as much for a couple of days but he looks great now and the Red Sea sailfin never missed a beat.

The blue tang wasn't eating at all when he went into quarantine, but he is eating now, swimming around a little bit, and reactive again to seeing me. He also looks great again.

I want to put the blue tang into the 125G tank with the trigger and the sailfin since those 3 fish are all 100% desired to go into the 210 I'm getting. I'm combining all of my tanks into a single system and getting rid of everything that I have now that isn't going to contribute to that system.

Should I continue to keep the blue tang in quarantine or move it into the 125? If I should wait, how long?

I'll be trying to figure out how to medicate all of the fish in an attempt to have an ich-free system later. That's another challenge all together. I'm probably going to use the 125G as a treatment tank before fish go into the new tank.



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ron, i asked/read a few months back about quaranteening fish. the general consensus was 4-6 weeks with 6 weeks being the most preferred.


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That's a tough one Ron. When we have had flukes on fish it has always been before introduction to a coral system. I don't have any idea how long they could live without a host, and you obviously can't treat your corals with Prazi.

I'd say when you get your 210 you should isolate all your live rock/corals and fish from each other and treat the fish with Prazi as before. If you are concerned you have Cryptocaryon you should treat for that simultaneously. In a best case scenario with a long isolation time and introduction of healthy fish without a parasite load on them you'll wipe out the flukes...but no guarantees.


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The corals in that system are not my best ones, they're in the 240. I treated the whole system with PraziPro with no ill effects.

I've read 6 weeks for new fish, but I'm wondering if the same rational exists when removing a fish for treatment. I don't know if the risk of less stable parameters in a QT outweigh the benefit of letting the fish (hopefully) get stronger before going back in with other fish.

All fish have been exposed to flukes and all tanks in consideration treated for it.