Where can I get a locline 3/4" eductor?


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thanks for the reply. Any store close to the IE? Irvine is quite far for me...btw...how much are they?


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I have two different 3\4" eductors. I'll be up at Chaffe on Tuesday and Thursday around 3pm...let me know if your going to be up there and I'll bring em by for you to look at.



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much appreciated. Are you selling them or anything you wanna trade for them?

Sorry, I just checked. These are new and I've never used em, should of check first. I have two that swivel that are 1" and two that don't swivel that are 3\4"...I'll let you have the 1" for 20 and the 3\4 for 15.............they both are MPT.


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Coral and Fish Center carries all of the locline parts. They have a pretty crazy selection of random plumbing parts in the part room =)