Where do I put this giant ballast?


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I have my 210 up and running but have a question about one of the ballasts. It is a dual 250 and very big and heavy and I'm sure it gets very hot. Where can I put it? My husband was thinking of sitting it on top of the canopy but I really don't want this big heavy electrical metal thing above my glass aquarium. He was also thinking of putting it inside the stand under the aquarium but I thought I had heard to never put it in there, possibly because of the heat it gives off or because of the risk of it getting wet. To sit it next to the tank on the floor will require him to rewire it and make the cord longer, but I want to do what is right and also the safest thing. So what do you recommend?


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Putting that huge ballast on top of the canopy is a BAD IDEA, inside of the stand will create heat and may get wet due to the moist from evaporation of the sump. I put all my electrical stuff outside in the garage or away from the sump area.