Where do you buy acrylic rods?


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I know I just recently read a post on this but I cant seem to find it, I called Ace and they said they dont carry them. I think its time I re-do my aqua scape to get better flow thru my rocks, if anyone here has some to get rid of let me know : ) I wanna dig in tonight possibly............. LOL I also read you can use plastic hangers but Im not sure how strong that will be so if you have any experiences with that please share and THANKS!!


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I bought mine from amazon. Search 1/2" acrylic rods on their site. I bought 24" long ones and I don't remember them being super cheap. I can say that they work really well when used in conjunction with super glue, epoxy, and a 1/2" masonry bit. I will look for some pics of when I did mine and post later. I used bigger rods because my tank is deep and was only using 4-5 bigger rocks for a minimalist aqua scape.


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THANKS GUYS!! Your da best! I didnt want to have to wait for shipping but at those cheap prices I'll save my gas $$ and have it delivered! Do you also know of a netting or screen I can put over my egg crate to keep my little jumpers in? I read somewhere Ace or Lowes may have some sort of screen that works well and doesnt block the lights


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Not intending to hijack this thread, but I am restarting my 10 foot tank. My BRS rock has been curing in fresh water with phosphate remover for the last few months and I have sanded all of the scratches out of the acrylic. I am in the middle of plumbing, but aquascaping is next. I ordered a few of those rods from amazon but I need to know the best way to put everything together. Epoxy sounds like it would work, but I would love some ideas of what kind to get. I have a bunch of the Aquamend, but I just can't see that working very well and requiring a ton of it.

And if anyone is bored next weekend and wants to give me a creative hand in North Phoenix, I could use some ideas for the aquascaping. I have about 100 pounds of Pukani, 20 of shelf, and 20 of tonga.



Why do you guys all need acrylic rods? What are they used for?
To give stability to rock work; drill a 3/8" hole into the rock, slide a 3/8" rod through.
I'm using them to build tall secure rock columns that can be installed and removed in sections rather than one heavy column. My tanks is 38" tall.


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Here are some pictures of my aqua scape before adding sand/water to the tank. The rods really stabilized the rocks along with epoxy, and superglue. The bottom two islands are shelf rock that I drilled into and secured the rods. I then drilled the other rock where needed and slid them down, and permanently affixed them.


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brian cummings

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I haven't in a while, but in the past I got stuff from Laird Plastics. They're local. There's also a local branch of Piedmont Plastics...


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You can also use fiberglass rods from Fleet Farm our any farm supply - the ones they sell for electric fencing. Not sure now much the acrylic ones are, burmese are like $2 apiece & work great!