Where does the salt go in a water change


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This may be a silly question to many but I am curious about adding salt when doing a water change. When I do a top off, we never add salt to the water, just simply pour RO water into the sump. Top off is normally around a gallon or so. It's a 90 gallon tank. However, when I do a water change (first one coming this weekend) I am suppose to set aside the fresh RO water in a container, make sure it is right temperature and add the right amount of salt for the gallons I am putting into the tank. When you siphon out water, does it take a lot of the salt with it? Just curious the thinking behind this and please don't laugh at me for the question :)


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Yup it is a "saltwater" tank. =)..

What your replacing daily is water that is evaporating from the tank. The salt does not evaporate and stays in the water making the salinity (salt content) higher.

A water change is taking a certain amount of salt water out and replacing it. Still making sure you added the freshwater that day if needed before changing the mixed water. (if that makes sense =)

Using a refractometer will tell you how much salt is in your tank and also freshly mixed water.


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Yes, you're removing salt with the water.

What she said. Saltwater, once the salt is dissolved, is homogeneous which means that each gallon is of identical content from a dissolved solids perspective (which includes salt).


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That helps clear it up. I just wanted to be sure before I do the water change so that my salinity isn't too high and hurt/kill what I already have.


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If it's possible mix your sw the night before you put it in, use a power head if you have one. It gives it a chance to fully dissolve


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Also read the label of your salt mix: there's a lot more than NaCL in there (salt). There's boron, calcium, selenium, etc, etc---in correct proportions. Think of it as dehydrated seawater.

(When I get a new monster tub of salt, and use a little, I lay the thing on its side and roll it a bit to be sure it hasn't layered itself in the vibration of shipping. I don't know that it does a thing. But I did have a barrel come in that seemed a little powdery on top.)


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I have a brand new white Rural King Feed Bucket that is 20 gallons. It does not say that it is "food grade" but I would like to use it to store my mixed saltwater the day before I do a water change. I have only used the bucket once to transport RO water when I was setting up my tank so there was nothing in it. Do I have anything to worry about using it?