Where to buy 12 or so tank raised baby percs/ocellaris?

Possibly going to be setting up a clown community tank soon. I'm looking to add a dozen or so same age tank raised baby percs/ocellaris and a few hadonnis when I find a healthy one.
Any breeders out there that you can point me to?


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I wouldnt go with hadonni's since they dont even host these in the wild. Although you could I think your community tank would run/and look alot cooler if you can replicate what they would usually host/do in the ocean.

Are you looking for CB or WC? If so Im sure youll find someone breeding them local, and if you want WC ask your LFS if they can put in order in for 12, they will give you a deal.
Definately tank raised, preferably from the same clutch.
I know that perc/ocellaris aren't the true symbiont for hadonnis, but I prefer them over the other clowns, and I know they will host with them.


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Dont know where your located, but if you in California, send me a pm. I know a few local breeders. Though they wont ship out.

Youll have a better chance of tank raised hosting the hadonni, good choice.;)


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Your best bet would be to ask your LFS. If they order from ORA it is quite likely that a dozen perc coming in from ORA in a single order are from the same clutch or were at the very least kept in the same grow out tank for the last few months. Percula are probably a better bet for you since they grow much slower than ocellaris and will delay the likely aggression. Alternatively your LFS can get 12 from a clutch from a local breeder.