where to buy bulkheads??


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I plumbed my sump in the basement with PVC pipe, which was great until I realized that my gluing skilles are not up to par. I need to tear it down and reglue some fittings and I am going to try something new. Where can I purchase bulkheads online, and HOPEFULLY be able to find the matching fittings at Home Depot, if that's possible??? That way I don't have to glue :)
Any help would be appreciated.


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Thank you for your reply. What exactly is what I am looking for called? I would like a 1" bulkhead and a fitting that either fits inside that I can glue it (with a barbbed end) or a fitting that I could thread the barbed adapter onto... ?


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Bulk heads are expensive if the joints on the bulkheads are good get unions from depot or lowes and cut them in they are 1/2 the price of good bulkheads and are very handy :)


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I got a good one from House of Hose (several west coast cities have one). The plumber's supply place didn't have a clue what one was. I reasoned that any place that deals in fuel tanks, liquids, agricultural tanks, pumps and the art of moving fluids other than water from one place to another---might know what I was talking about. I called House of Hose, which is exactly that, and told them my size and no-metal, and zingo, right there, and far better quality than my tank came with originally.


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Bulk Reef Supply sells bulkheads from 1/2 inch to 2 inches I believe. Also locally your can check farm, tractor, or equpment supply places in your area. I know my LFS has them but they charge like $10 when BRS is like $4.


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+1 on BRS- just replaced mine with BRS for my new build. Replaced 3 out of the 4 with BRS and then did the water test last night. Guess where I had a leak...
Now getting one more priority mailed.