Where to buy reef-ready tank, stand, canopy?


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I'm located in the Bay Area and I'm looking for a all-in-one solution for my office. That includes a stand, reef-ready acrylic tank w/overflow box, and canopy--somewhere in the 50-75 gallon range.

Any suggestions in the Bay Area to buy?

I've been looking at online places and the biggest hang-up is the shipping costs. So I've concluded buying local is the best way to go.


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H20 Habitats (independant Aquarium maintenance company) can coordinate getting a custom setup & delivery of everything you're looking for. They are the techs that maintain my tank and helped me special order everything I needed. What was great was that the stand & tank companies that H20 Habitats works with, delivered my equipment to me and delivery was included as part of the price tag.

H20 Habitats #415-215-0089 and they're located in north Bay Area. A LFS in my area that works with exactly the same companies that build the tank stand & acrylic tanks is Lucky Ocean on Balboa & 2nd Ave in San Francisco. Not sure where you are located, HTH