Where to find a 6-8ft fiberglass frag tank


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One option is a Rubbermaid stock tank. I believe they come up to 350 gallons, but I don't know if the dimensions are good for you. I got my 100 gallon tank at Tractor Supply. That's the biggest that would fit in my Prius.


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Fiberglass horse troughs? They guy I get some of my corals from has three 8 footers in a huge horseshoe shape. He's my hero!


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Had a hard time finding a good horse trough one..& a large(deep in wide) enough one at hydro shop.
But I fell in love with the fiberglass tanks with window at aquatic ecosystems.
I found the one I wanted- 72 by 36 by 24 for $718 in my 2010 catalog, .... hopefully didn't go up too much