Where to get coral plugs?


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I bought some from bulk reef supply and also some on ebay from chief reef. Both work fine for me.
Many online retailers carry them - drs foster and smith, marine depot, etc.

Alternately, you can use bits of live rock rubble (cheap to get at most LFS) or make your own out of portland cement and aragonite sand. If you make your own, you can use disposable paper cups as molds - just mix sand and portland cement 50/50, then add water until it's like runny oatmeal, and put a spoonful in each paper cup. Let them cure for a week or so, then put them in a mesh bag and let them soak in freshwater for a few weeks (many people toss them in their toilet tanks). Then, one more rinse and you're ready to go.


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you can also get limestone pet stores sell for reptile cages and break it into pieces with a hammer. give it a good rinse with the hose and soak it in saltwater for a few days then you're good to go. Looks exactly like live rock after a couple months and you won't have those annoying frag "plug" things that are impossible to break off and don't ever fit in the rockwork.