Where to place my Rainbow Montipora?


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I have had my rainbow monti on the top,bottom, and middle under a 250w hqi 20K XM in my 46g bowfront

I was wondering if rainbows like a lot of light and want to know how much water movement they like.


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The original rainbow monti likes low light. Mine came in beautiful...total rainbow pattern. i put it where I "thought" it was less light...it turned into a superman monti with only red polyps and very light, light blue base. I finally moved it off to the side partially in the shade but way out of any major light. It has taken about two months but I am happy to report a really nice rainbow monti that looks liek a really nice rainbow monti :D. I have little to no flow where it is also...for whatever that it worth. The thing grows like crazy now and is pretty large now, covering 4" all around a rock...when I got it last year it was a small but mighty frag :).