Where to start?


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I am looking into doing a general overhaul/upgrade and expansion on my system and could use some advice where to start. I have a 75 gal display with a 40 gallon sump, mixed reef matured about 6 years give or take. Moderately stocked.

*I will also be adding a 55 gallon standard or equivalent corner tank to the system soon for a lionfish or possibly a trigger..

Skimmer Upgrade?

- current skimmer is Reef Octopus NW150 6" model.
- * upgrade to SRO 2000 internal or possibly external depending on final setup


- currently 4 xT5's Blue+, 5 x Par 38 LED spotlights, Reefbrite actinic bar
* debating on dual 250MH/T5 fixture or a DIY fixture with Orphek Dimmable PR-25 ( comparable to 150w MH ) and utilizing the Par 38's I already have for an LED setup.


- current return is MAG7 and 4 Maxi Jet 900's for additional flow
* looking to upgrade to the Vortech MP40 and remove most of the powerheads and minimize some in-tank clutter.

Auto Top Off?

* These are in the works for the future

-I would like to note that I don't believe my current skimmer is being pushed too hard, or its just not THAT great of a skimmer?? which leads me to believe that I can look into other directions first.

I would greatly appreciate any input you may have on this scenario....