Where's a good place to identify night creatures?


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I have a few things I was wanting to know what they were. Is there a site that has pictures of the most common night creatures?

I have an anemone that comes out only at night, and hundreds of crazy bugs that have a back tail curved like a shrimp. A few other things as well.


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But seriously, I browsed over that and didn't see anything on night creatures. Yeah, hitchikers part has a few pictures but nothing specifically about the night crew in the tank.


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How about here!

Nope, oh well.

They hide so well in the day, and I got a red light out earlier and noticed one that was standing up about 2" and then it branched. I had some more when I went looking again. They're white.


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Pictures........really help in this case.

Get a Photbucket.com account, upload the picture, then paste the .img tag in the body of your posts.

Then you get quick responses that are reasonably accurate and helpful to you with minimal frustration.