Which ballast for radium?


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I'm currently using lumatek dimmable (150w/175w/250w/HQI) for my 250W radium SE. But comparing to my Bluewave 3 ballast, the lumatek seem to be significantly dimmer. I tried to find a bluewave 3 ballast but sadly they are discontinue :thumbdown

What other alternative can I use to get as much light / par out of my radium as possible?


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I use a dual 250w galaxy ballast. People will say this makes them run blue, but mine are crystal white. It runs the bulb at ~280w overdriving them like they should be. I get very good PAR with this setup, I have two 250's on my 65g and get 500 PAR on the sandbed in some places. My lights are probably 10-12 inches off the water.


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For Radium 250 watt, I always found that they run best of an M80 HQI ballast myself. Much higher PAR than any of the MH electronic ballasts that I have used.

I have a couple of 250 watt Hamilton M80 HQI ballasts that have lasted me 8 years now. I also have a couple of PFO M80 HQI ballasts that have lasted that same time. Both work great.

PFO went under but you can get one from Hamilton - plus they are a reef central sponsor.



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I would recommend the Hamilton Technology electronic ballast. They have very good light output, and ththe bulbs seem to last longer while maintaining good color output. The other bonus is they are built like a tank and last forever. The one I ha e now has been in service e every day for 12 hours a day for nearly a decade. I can't say enough positive thing about any of the Hamilton Technology equipment that I have ever purchased. Another thing to mention is their customer service and support are second to none. Good Luck, happy reefkeeping