Which brand of nano?


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Which brand of nano would anyone recommend? I'm looking for a 12 gallon nano that would run well right out of the box (not looking to modify). Not sure on inhabitants yet, so I'm not too worried on lighting.


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I firts bought a 14 gallon Bio Cube. Same deal as you, no clue what I wanted to do with it, I just wanted to make a pretty tank and get my feet wet. That tank is a champ. my corals were growing strong and fasy, never problems with water. The tank it self looks nice and not cheap.

go with a BioCude!!!!


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Hay neighbor,

Build your own and save the cash for live stock lighting and all the good stuff.IMHO


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I recently got a JBJ cube from from nanotuners with a lighting mod 3x24W. I am very impressed and would reccomend them for sure. Get the fuge ligth mod too. Very cool.


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I have a 12 gal JBJ DX and a 24 gal Aquapod... I like them both..there are pictures in my gallery. I started with the twelve gallon and purchased the 24 almost a year later. I run them stock equipment expect for pump changes for better water flow. After buying and setting up the 12 gallon, I immediately wanted a bigger tank... so start with the 24 gallon for a few bucks more... just my opinion... best of luck to you